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21 Exciting Ideas For Choosing A New Hobby(So Creative)

Learn Ebru,quilling, kanzashi,decoupage, breeding butterflies,capoeira, scrapebooking, carving, soap making and many more.If you are finding how to choose a hobby than here you have 21 exciting ideas for choosing a new hobby.

These classes will help you to spend your free time interesting!

In the spring we seem to start producing extra energy, the carrying out of everyday responsibilities take less time than usual, so an opportunity to do something interesting, for example, a new exciting hobby.


Ebru is a form of art in which the figure is first created with special paints on the water surface and then transferred to the canvas, dried and placed in a frame or in a passe-partout. Despite what many have called Ebru abstract painting, in this technique you can draw realistic still life, landscape and even portrait.

New hobby: Ebru

In addition, "water" paintings reflect not only the inner world of the artist, but also his psychological state, and the drawing is very deservedly considered a therapy and relaxation. If you are in the hobby are attracted to practical, applied side, you will be able in the technique of Ebru to create original scarves, stoles, napkins and tablecloths.

(2)New hobby: Quilling

Quilling , twisting in a spiral of long strips of paper and the subsequent creation of the resulting workpieces or three-dimensional decorative compositions. Once this work was considered art, then the entertainment of rich ladies, but now, after long neglect, it has become a hobby for adults and children.

New hobby: Quilling

In order to do quilling, it is not necessary to purchase any special accessories, and the technique itself is fairly simple, but the output is beautiful paintings, postcards, flowers, filigree snowflakes, and even fans. Besides individual items, you can decorate boxes and jars to store different things. This hobby will suit those who like to make gifts with their hands.

(3)New hobby: Kanzashi

Kanzashi (kanzashi) originally a hair ornament that was made specially for a specific kimono. Now is also called the art of making jewelry in the form of flowers, butterflies and birds, silk (satin) ribbons and decorative accessories. This hobby is perfectly develops fine motor skillsas the movement of the needle must be precise and very tuned – fragile material, easily damaged.

(4)New hobby: decoupage

Decoupage – decorating of small and large objects with paper pictures (sometimes fabric, gold leaf, or model weight), acrylic paint, glue and varnish. With this technique, you can give new life to old things – suitcases, chairs, dressers, cabinets, or turn an ordinary bottle into an exquisite vase, and box – vintage jewelry box. Due to the lacquer coating the resulting products are not afraid of moisture, so all of them you will be able to use it for its intended purpose.

(5)New hobby: Breeding butterflies

Breeding butterflies is an exotic hobby that can become a successful business. In our time, these light-winged creatures are popular, they are ordered for weddings and anniversaries, as gifts and to create a romantic atmosphere in the Declaration of love and proposal of marriage. In addition, this hobby has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps restore emotional balance. The view emerging from the cocoon of a butterfly configures a philosophical mood.

(6)New hobby: Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that incorporates elements of dance, acrobatics and psychological games. This hobby will not only help you keep in great shape the body, but will perfectly understand people is to predict the subsequent actions of others, to understand the person, what they think, easy to"read" their gestures.

(7)New hobby: scrapbooking

Scrapbooking – create and design photo albums that contains not only the photos but also memorable records, newspaper clippings, notes about those who are depicted in pictures, wishes. As a rule, each album dedicated to a single theme – the anniversary of the birth of a child, the wedding, but it can be just a large family that includes a family tree, photos of distant ancestors, letters and quotes of them, footage of important family celebrations.

(8)New hobby: Drawing with sand

Sand painting – the technique of fine art by which glass surface with backlight creates a stunning picture of smoothly flowing one into another. If you capture it on camera, it is possible to obtain a film with a certain subject. In addition, the sand takes the negative energy, calms, and itself is a hobby develops imagination and spatial thinking.

(9)New hobby: Soap making

Soap making is not only a great hobby, but also an opportunity to use only natural product. By using soap bases, natural colors, natural flavors and a variety of molds you can create an excellent handmade soapthat will be a great gift to your loved ones, and yourself. The process of soap making is simple, but very exciting, they can be enjoyed together with children and elderly parents.

(10)New hobby: Carving

Carving – decorating objects by means of thread. This technique is used to create culinary decorations from vegetables and fruits and also for decoration soap. Nowadays you can buy a set for carving and includes a variety of knives and other tools to cutting albums with examples of work and training DVD.

This hobby can be called crafts, it is suitable for those who like to decorate festive and everyday table beautiful vegetable and fruit elements, and those who are not lazy to make gifts with their hands. By the way, if you perfectly master the carving, you will be happy to work in any restaurant, so the hobby could become a profitable business.

(11)New hobby: Right brain drawing

Right brain drawing – a technique that helps to unlock the creative potential that lies in every individual. Thanks to this technique quite decent pictures turn out even those that have never stood at the easel. Moreover, people fascinated this occupation, begins more actively to use their intuition, their thinking becomes more imaginative, and he is liberated. Right brain drawing removes inner blocks and as it disables the analysis of action, exacerbating the emotional perception.

(12)New hobby: Breeding aquarium shrimp

Breeding aquarium shrimp – new exotic hobby for people who like to watch what is happening on the seabed. And many types of these creatures live well in fresh water, therefore do not require any special conditions for maintenance. In addition, they clean your water, so that they can be used as a natural filter, and they're very funny.

(13)New hobby: Cultivation of woody Reishi mushroom

Reishi (lacquered polypore) is highly valued in Japan and China. It is considered the mushroom of immortality, as the infusion from it significantly improves the immune system and relieves many ailments. Now it has become fashionable to grow Reishi at home – in some shops you can buy a pot of these mushrooms and learn how to care for them, and then use the fruits of their labors as the means of herbal medicine. In addition, this type of tinder comes some special energy – they say that with him becoming calmer, improves mood, lighter thoughts.

(14)New hobby: Amigurumi

Amigurumi – a new hobby, which came to us from Japan, it involves the creation of a small knitted figures with touching faces. Animals and men are designed for home collections, and also to decorate handbags, backpacks, mobile phones. This hobby is perfectly develops fine motor skills and imagination and bright colors of yarn positively affect the psychological state.

New hobby: Amigurumi

Ear cuffs – jewelry for the ears, made from wire and decorative accessories. To wear this accessory does not need to pierce your ears, so it will fit any lady. If you have the imagination and dexterity make an amazing exotic and very unique favors that are isolated from its owner and bring her positive attention. Having mastered the technique, you will become the owner of a truly exclusive jewelry.

(15)New hobby: Mehendi

Those who are interested in the history of India and loves this country, has long been familiar with the technique mehendi – applying a temporary tattoo using henna. For Russia this new and exotic hobby only gaining popularity. The advantage of this decorations of your own body (mainly feet and hands) is that you can quite often change the picture and improve the image of various patterns, each time coming up with your own unique ornament.

New hobby: Mehendi

Fan fiction – a literary work with the free development of the classical story. These stories usually create fans or other fandom (TV series, movie, book), describing how the could be favorite characters in canonical or unusual situations. This hobby not only develops imagination but also helps to get new acquaintances with like – minded readers and other authors, since fanfics don't usually write "on the table" and post niche sites.

(16)New hobby: Kendo

Kendo – the art of using a samurai sword. Once this fighting technique was the prerogative of warriors, in our days, workouts addicted to both men and ladies, and for many this hobby is the meaning of existence and the path of spiritual development as it not only tempers the body but also forms the character. Have Kendo has its own deep philosophy, which helps during a fight, and in everyday life.

(17)New hobby: Painting Pets

This exotic hobby is almost not used in Russia, but, for example, in China he has a lot of fans. Owners of Pets to paint their Pets, making cats leopards, tigers, jaguars, and dogs, pandas, zebras, lions, and just paint their Pets in all the colors of the rainbow. It looks very funny, with some of the animals themselves clearly in awe of his appearance, however, not the fact that the attitude to our younger brothers would have approved of members of the society for the protection of animals.

(18)New hobby: playing the African drums

Now, many leisure centres offer a new service – learning to play African drums. This activity relieves inner tension, gives positive energy, develops coordination, learns to feel the rhythm of the earth, to improvise and to act as a team. If you are interested in this hobby, then you will have the opportunity to learn to play several kinds of musical instrument and other exotic percussion.


At the end of the article say that naturally, we have listed not all classes that can become your next hobby. Sports, arts and crafts, horse riding, knitting, embroidery, cooking, creating porcelain dolls, philately, numismatics, collecting, etc. also happy to open for you a world of new Hobbies and experiences. The main thing is to find exactly what will make you happy and help make your life more diverse.

Discover your hidden talent! 

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