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7 Prettiest Crafts Made From Natural Materials, Ideas, And Workshops

These are 7 prettiest craft that are made from natural materials. Doesn't require cash investment and special tools. Enjoy these ideas and workshops.

7 Prettiest Crafts Made From Natural Materials, Ideas, And Workshops
7 Prettiest Crafts Made From Natural Materials, Ideas, And Workshops

Then learn how to create beautiful crafts from natural materials with their hands. In each region during a walk in the Park or outside the city is not difficult to find driftwood trees, autumn leaves, acorns, wild chestnuts, cones, unusual stones, moss and other gifts of nature that literally lying under your feet and inspire creativity. No need to have special talents, use your imagination and get to work!

  1. Features of work with natural materials
  2. The magical transformation of chestnuts.
  3. The strange adventures of autumn leaves
  4. Acorns – a godsend for the creative mind
  5. Cones – gift for the needle
  6. The branches of trees – free gold
  7. Step-by-step master-classes on creating natural crafts

(1)Features of work with natural materials

To create crafts from natural materials, you should choose ripe fruit trees, which do not tend to decompose, and rapidly deteriorate. For creativity is not suitable berries and fruits containing water: apples, plums, dogwood. Of course, one can make beautiful bouquets, but will stand for such work only a few days.

Despite the desire to preserve environmentally friendly goods, a raw material must be subjected to heat treatment to get rid of pests. Ready DIY treat lacquer, extending the life and decorative masterpiece. Straw, cattail and dry leaves of birch bark to give flexibility, you must soak in hot water.

It requires various instruments: knives, scissors, fretsaw, hammer, awl, needle. Sometimes you may need a drill. To work, of course, it's best to equipped area craftswomen, but messy processes to perform better on the balcony or on the street.

(2)The magical transformation of chestnuts.

Wild chestnut trees adorn the gardens and walking paths in many cities. Help the wipers collect this precious natural material! Chestnuts stored for a long time without losing their appearance, do not emit harmful and annoying flavours, and therefore ideal for creating crafts from natural materials for children, including kindergarten.

The chestnuts are harvested after falling off of the trees. To work with them easiest until they are soft, dry fruits difficult to pierce. Store "the harvest" is best in a cool place, but not to allow excessive humidity, otherwise mold may form. Dried fruit is easy to revive simmering in hot water.

If you want to do decor for the home, you notice the topiary of chestnuts. The creation principle here is the same as for other topiary. Use the foam ball to hide white base with sisal or rope, then carefully place the chestnuts, taking care to leave no voids.

Another idea for home decor – vase, decorated with chestnuts. As a basis we can take an old ceramic vase or other object having a similar shape. The surface of the product it is recommended to paint brown paint to eliminate the gaps.

Wall mural autumn in style, original picture frames, wreaths – this is only part of what can be made of chestnuts with their hands.

More ideas can be found for DIY of chestnuts with the kids. This funny insect, funny animals, cartoon characters and various fictional characters. For fastening of details it is better to use clay, not sharp objects. Clay will help to add elements for recognizing the intended image

(3)The strange adventures of autumn leaves

Yellow, crimson and Golden leaves – the perfect raw material for autumn crafts from natural materials. And let this gift of nature not as durable, but the pleasure is worth it to dedicate an evening of creativity!

Of autumn leaves make beautiful wreaths, topiary, appliques, flower arrangements, paintings in eco-style, luxury flowers for bouquets. Leaves decorated with candles, boring utensils, photoframes. They are also used as an additional decor element in the creation of Souvenirs from natural materials.

In order to preserve the beauty of autumn leaf to make a herbarium – dried between several layers of paper. To accelerate the process of working iron. The herbarium is widely used for Handicrafts.

When you collect leaves you need to remember that after treatment they will lose color, so you need to choose the most vivid and colorful. The same applies to flowers, collect for a herbarium.

(4)Acorns – a godsend for the creative mind

Oak acorns are attracted by its elegant shape and pleasant shade, reminiscent of Sunny autumn. Make crafts from the natural material like with their hands and children and adults. Equally gorgeous homemade gifts of as much as acorns and halves, which is also often used in the art.

For needlework are more suitable fresh acorns, fruits shelf crumble and crack. Collect the fruits should be ripe when they fall from the oak. Blanks are best stored in a cool and humid place like on the balcony. Before use it is recommended to treat in an oven heated to 300 degrees – this procedure kills hidden pests.

As chestnuts and acorns used to create topiary, wreaths, murals, design frames, the manufacture of children's toys. Acorns can be painted, they successfully combined with other gifts of nature: chestnuts, leaves, twigs, burlap, sisal. Even if you do not know how, just pour the acorns into the jar and insert the candle. Or complete the whole fruits in a transparent vase to complete the arrangement with dried flowers.

From acorns obtained original jewelry – beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. For home is not difficult to create a Christmas garland, holders for curtains, curtain type, rope and more.

(5)Cones – gift for the needle

Bumps – another natural gift for those looking for a hobby without investment. For needlework from any suitable cones of conifers. They are beautiful in themselves, but if you want the bumps are easy to paint, make a Golden or snowy for Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations.

Using cones will not be to make crafts from the natural material in school, kindergarten and for interior decoration. Cones can be combined with any of the gifts of nature, as well as burlap, artificial fruits and flowers, plasticine and salt dough.

For weaving not only beautiful but functional baskets using wire. The bumps start Dating a thin wire and collected first the basket, then the handle. Perfect brown wire, which will not be visible on the product. For bottom easiest way is to take thick cardboard and attach it with wire, making holes.

It is important to consider the time that the heat closed cones can open up, so before the work material recommended to hold in the oven at a temperature and then treated with a liquid solution of joiner's glue. This procedure will fix the bumps and give extra Shine.

Inside you can store jewelry or different things, and if we abandon pen will make a wonderful planter for flowers.

(6)The branches of trees – free gold

Another discovery for the needle – twigs of the trees. This raw materials even walking is not necessary, enough to leave the yard. Don't forget that trees are living beings, so in order not to destroy the plant, break off only the dead branches.

Twigs are used for individual crafts and group activities including, for connection details. For art suitable thin branches and large snags, which are often veiled future masterpieces, it remains only to make a gift of the nature of minor adjustments.

In addition to the branches of the trees also use the roots, they are well washed in water and dried. Used in the decoration part or full.

From thin twigs it is possible to create simple crafts made from natural raw materials:

  1. frames for pictures and paintings;
  2. decor candles;
  3. all kinds of staircases and railings for mini-gardens;
  4. furniture and decor for roombox;
  5. decorative houses;
  6. vases in eco-style;
  7. panels;
  8. candlesticks.

For interior decoration, make huts, wells, the cells in country style and Provence. Thicker branches are cut into rings and create modular products.

(7)Step-by-step master-classes on creating natural crafts

We have already talked about other crafts from natural materials on the pages of "Women's Hobbies". Read our publications how to make coffee, vines, straw, stones, egg shells. If you are confident, move on to step-by-step master classes, in which experienced needlewoman will in detail tell and will show you how to make art out of free raw materials.

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