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Hobbies For Girls In 2016-2017 (For Bullet Proof Future)

Hobbies for girls,Here we have list of Hobbies. Some collect stamps, some read books, and some knit to order, and you don't know what to do? Solve the problem with our tips! 

Hobbies For Girls
Hobbies For Girls

The contents 

1 a List of interesting Hobbies – Hobbies 

  1. 1.1 Travel 
  2. 1.2 yoga 
  3. 1.3 water 

Aerobics 2 Hobby girls, generating lucrative income 

  1. 2.1 making dolls
  2. 2.2 Breeding of purebred animals 
  3. 2.3 Embroidery, knitting, sewing 
  4. 2.4 the Soap 
  5. 2.5 Writing articles 
  6. 2.6 Online store 

3 Home types of Hobbies for girls 

  1. 3.1 garment Decoration 
  2. 3.2 Carving
  3. 3.3 decoupage 
  4. 3.4 scrapbooking 

4 Hobby for girls in the decree 

  1. 4.1 Candlestick hand made 
  2. 4.2 Blogging
  3. 4.3 Design 
  4. 4.4 Cardmaking 

5 Hobbies – Hobbies girls Teens 

  1. 5.1 Drawing
  2. 5.2 Dancing 
  3. 5.3 wildlife Photography

(1)A list of interesting Hobbies – Hobbies 


With such enthusiasm you can not only get a lot of emotions, but also to see the world. Travel "savages" will interest fans of extreme sports and save the cost of housing. Admirers of a beach holiday should contact a reliable travel Agency, and fans of excursions to historic places does not hurt to pre-plan a route.


Now there are many different types of yoga gurus like Bikram. Followers claim that yoga is beneficial for the whole body – it helps to control weight, improves flexibility of the body, resulting in healthy state of the nervous system and develops the ability to regulate psychological state.

Water aerobics 

One of the most active and useful Hobbies. Doing exercise in water can be excellent to lose weight, strengthen all muscle groups, improve overall health and to always be in a good mood.

(2)Hobbies for girls, that generate lucrative income 

Making dolls 

Doll copyrighted work will interest not only children but also collectors. They are not cheap, so this hobby can bring you good money. To create the dolls you need to buy the billet, various pieces of fabric and threads of different colours. And then include imagination and create masterpieces.

Breeding purebred animals 

Sale of animals with a good pedigree can be very lucrative. Keep in mind the cost of production – the space for animals, food, toilet, transport to exhibitions and bazaars. Besides, it's hard work. Do not make it a hobby solely for the money.

Embroidery, knitting, sewing 

Many women are seriously passionate about crafts, but not many people do this business. But in vain! Place an ad in the press, put the photo in social networks, use word of mouth – the good master will not rebound from customers. You are able to cover the whole family, without spending money on consumer goods market.


Now a lot of people refuse from harmful household chemicals in favor of natural and natural products. Delicate block with extracts of different medicinal herbs and aromatic essential oils are very easy to make and there are lots of people who are wanting to purchase homemade soap.

Writing articles 

Feel journalistic talent? Love to write poetry? Try your hand in copywriting or versification. For this you need a computer, stable access to the network and the ability to add individual letters and words into beautiful sentences and interesting lyrics.

Online store 

Organization of joint purchases – a great way to not only save the money but also to Fund the budget. Intermediary between the supplier and the buyer relies for about 20%. With a large number of customers goes a good amount. If you have a commercial vein, organizational skills and free time, this hobby fits you perfectly.

(3)Home types of Hobbies for girls 

Garment decoration 

This kind of art will show your individuality. Using beads, embroidery, appliqués, coloured threads and stones, even the most ordinary clothes can be turned into a masterpiece! Just imagine what the hype will cause a t-shirt with handmade print, inscription or portrait! Present yourself as a creative personality and diversify your own wardrobe.


The carving referred to as dishes carved from fruits or vegetables. This movement has appeared recently, but already won the hearts of many persons. Carving with a knife turns watermelons, pumpkins and cucumbers in to beautiful bouquets, but to master this hobby, you need the desire and time.


Decoupage is the decoration with the help of applications. First, make drawing on the surface of any object, then fill it with paint. The work is very laborious and requires perseverance, but the results are worth it. Decoupage is subject to almost everything – tables, cabinets, chairs, dishes, doors, shelves, shoes, etc.


What to do at leisure? Breathe life into old photos! Assemble a collage of old photos, glue them to a new album made with your own hands, create multiple cards or the same compositions. Once you do, the imagination will throw up a lot of new ideas.

(4)Hobbies for girls in the decree 

Hand made Candle

You probably still have a lot of jars from the baby food. So why not use them as candle bases? In addition to containers you need beeswax or paraffin wax, wicks, dyes, essential oils, and all kinds of decor. Spending a minimum of effort, you will create a beautiful candle.


You love the Internet, love the communication in the network and share your thoughts with others? It's time to do your blog! This is one of the most affordable hobby. If you do not mind the time to talk on the Internet, try in this direction.


You like to decorate interiors, to develop a set of furniture and decorative elements? Try yourself in the design! For starters, decorate your own house, and when there is no room for experimentation, proceed to the homes and apartments of friends. Perhaps with time you can become a professional and even earn some money on a hobby.


Under this interesting word there hides the creation of postcards. Bring paper, cardboard, paints, and decorations (beads, sequins, laces, buttons), come up with interesting inscriptions and wishes. Make cards in different styles and share them with your friends.

(5)Hobbies – Hobbies for girls 

Teens Drawing 

Not having a special talent, but having certain abilities, you can succeed in painting. Start with simple paintings of Souvenirs. Try, go to the canvas. Maybe you become a famous painter for your work, but you will be able to realize themselves.


Which girl does not dream to be slim, graceful, plastic? Especially in adolescence, when the reflection in the mirror seems just awful. Sign up for a dance! Latin will form a sense of rhythm, the Spanish flamenco will make your posture even, Valls will give a feminine and athletic dancing will make the body chiseled.

Wildlife photography 

Very cool hobby, which in the future can become a job. Beautiful artistic photography is always in demand, so arm yourself with quality equipment and go in search of stories. You can use a normal digital camera and photograph for the landscape, animals and loved ones.

Remember a few rules: 

Specify only those Hobbies that are relevant to your future career. The sales Manager should mention about his love for books on the psychology of interpersonal relations, the designer is about making comic books or tailoring, the teacher on regular viewing of popular movies and learning foreign languages;

Avoid common phrases – this will distinguish you among the applicants;

Present fascination with the humor, but do not overdo it;

Do not write much – just 1-2 Hobbies.

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