Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How To Make A Flower Brooch Out Of Leather

How to make a flower brooch out of the leather. Learn her and turn your hobby into creative art.

How to make a flower brooch out of leather
How to make a flower brooch out of leather

Beautiful flower-brooch made of leather not only please the true connoisseurs of beauty, but also inspire independent creativity. If desired, every girl can learn this skill.

 How to make a flower brooch out of leather

You will need

templates colors;
- a piece of the skin;
- PVA glue;
glue "Moment";
- scissors;
- threads;
- beads;
- the basis for a brooch (pin)


❤Make patterns of colors. Pick up online pictures of flowers and print or draw your own.

❤Prepare the pieces of leather, you can also use old leather bag. Harvesting flowers from the paper, lay the leather on the reverse side, trace and cut.

❤At its discretion, the colors can be visualized directly on the skin. Brush the petals of each part from the inside with white glue, diluted with water.

❤The middle better not be lubricated, otherwise it then would be difficult to protectice needle. Connect together the petals of each blank face inward.

❤Wring every detail like a candy wrapper on the candy. Leave like this (not spreading) of the workpiece a little to dry for ten minutes.

❤Then flatten all the elements of the flower, but not until the end: the petals must remain creased. Then set them aside to dry.

❤Subsequently, the workpiece is put on top of each other face up, starting with the largest and ending with smallest.

❤Prepare any beads, as long as the needle is passed into the hole, embroidered the middle of the flower. To get the fluffy middle, is followed by one stitch to score on a thread several beads.

❤In order to make the underside neat, cut out the leather circle, mark on it the hole for the bases of brooches or pins, cut a hole. Sew a pin to the underside of the flower.

❤For the manufacture of fasteners brooches coat the circle with glue "Moment" from the inside, slide through the pin, pressing firmly. Wait a few hours until the underside of the stick.

❤If you wish, instead of pins you can sew a loop-ribbon. The finished brooch to fasten the jacket to the purse or to the rim.

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