Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper(Creative Hobby)

How to make a seahorse out of paper. Turn your hobby into an art.

How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper
How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper

Monotonous work in the office forces people to look for entertainment for a Desk chair. This entertainment can become art of origami. Folded at lunchtime the figure of a sea horse or other animal, you will be distracted from work and did a little workout for the hands.

How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper
How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper

You will need

- A rectangular sheet of paper
- scissors
- pen or pencil


To create figurines of a sea horse will need a rectangular sheet of paper. Suitable and conventional sheet white, but will look better sheet blue or greenish hue. Fold rectangular paper in half on the basis of the smallest side.

Double fold the rectangle in half again, taking the smallest side.

Fold the rectangle into a triangle. To do so, attach the left bottom corner of the blank to the top right corner and press open the detail hand. Expand the item back. Formed on the fold line cut the top part. For further work we will need only the lower part of it.

Do the two folds so that you have two projecting side of the angle.

Flatten two of the speakers corner pressing the hand on a sharp part. Then fold the shape in half myself.

Right side parts fold its long side. Then flip the part and repeat for the other right side.

Remove the upper part of the workpiece.

Similarly remove the bottom part of the resulting figure.

Bend the workpiece seahorse top and bottom dashed lines.

To create the head of a sea horse, bend the top part. And for the formation of the tail part, lignite the bottom corner up.

Finally shape the tail and nose of the seahorse, once again bending the upper and lower part of the workpiece.

If you've made a sea horse out of plain white paper, then darken the space folds a pencil or ballpoint pen. Figure ready.

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