Thursday, 10 November 2016

This Is Why Hobby Is A Path To Happiness(Psychologists Explained)

Why you must have a hobby,  Why hobby is a simple path to success explains the psychologists.

 Hobby Is A Path To Happiness
 Hobby Is A Path To Happiness

Psychologists say that a person must have a hobby. But why? Isn't it better for a couple of hours to relax by the TV or go to a beauty salon instead of spending time on hobby,for example, the embroidering? About the benefits of hobby and about what of them will be perfect for you says hobby-indoor.

A hobby is a pastime that delivers pleasure to man, not associated with work.

The word hobby comes from English and means "ciglik".

Ceglic is a bird of prey of the Falcon kind, which in the fourteenth century, raised for hunting.

In ancient Egyptian murals and in the myths of the sun God RA was depicted as a man with a Falcon head.

Ideas for hobby

It was a symbol of victory over the dark forces and earthly adversity.

American psychologist of the twentieth century, Abraham Maslow built the so-called pyramid of human needs.

Lower it link - Few things are in need for survival: food, shelter, rest, sexual interest.

This is followed by the need for security, the desire to protect themselves from failure and fear.

The next step is the need for social interaction, affection, support others.

As meet the needs of one level.

The highest level is the need for respect, self-esteem, competence, recognition from the surroundings and self-expression, the pursuit of opportunities, ability to develop one's own individuality.

Psychologists consider a hobby as a way of self-realization of man. 

At the moment, a hobby refers to the required characteristics of a successful person.

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