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Crossboccia - A Fun Hobby For The Whole Family

The new Trendsport Crossboccia offers bigger challenges compared to the traditional bowls and can be played everywhere.

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Gone is the search for flat surfaces on which you can play bowls. Crossboccia can be played on any terrain, obstacles increase the fun factor.The basic rules are similar to those of Boccia: The own ball must be placed as close as possible to the beginning ejected target ball. However, the target ball may already lie on a tree stump, in a puddle or on a slide. And since the balls can also jump on water, the playing surfaces can be selected very variably.

Crossboccia always has a season

Crossboccia is the three-dimensional version of boules or boules. It is played with balls of fabric - instead of the classical balls of wood, metal or plastic, the balls are made of fabric, which is filled with plastic granules. This makes completely new game variants possible. Can be played individually or in a team, the number of participants is unlimited. Just as with the traditional games, each player has three equal-colored playing balls and there is a target ball.

At the beginning of the first round, the player begins the second round, the ball of which is furthest away from the target ball. He throws his two remaining balls. After that, the other players will have their balls. The order of the players depends on the distance of their game to the target ball. The last player to throw is the player whose ball was closest to the goal after the first round. Then the points are counted. Whoever has scored the most points opens the next round by throwing the ball.

The points are awarded as follows: A point is given for each ball that is closer to the target than one of the opponents. If there are several balls from different players equal to or far from the target ball, each player gets a point. If a game ball is placed on an opponent's ball at least half, this is called "Kill" and the opponent's ball gets no point. Whoever reaches 13 points first has won a set. There must, however, be at least two points difference to the second player (ie 11:13 or 12:14). The game is played over two winnings.

If these rules are too boring, it can of course also change. For example, it can be determined that the ball must be thrown backwards over the shoulder. If a player does not stick to it, his ball falls out of the evaluation.

Crossboccia balls

Boccia was also played outside of marked fields. However, the hard Bocci balls were not suitable for any terrain, and playing on sloping terrain was not possible. Timo Beelow, a Wuppertaler student, came up with the idea to use different materials and developed Bocciabälle from fabric. The outer material of the balls is made of washable cotton. As a second layer, polyester fibers are used, the balls are filled with plastic balls or beans and have a total weight of 115 grams. Thanks to the modified material and filling, Crossboccia can now be played on any terrain, since the fabric balls can be left lying quickly after the throw and can not continue to roll any further. The student did not allow the balls to be made for his friends and himself. In 2009, he began selling the balls. The first edition included 2000 crossboccia sets and was stacked in the living room between sofa and wall. Meanwhile there is the Crossboccia GmbH in Wuppertal, which was voted 2012 start-up company of the year.

Timo Beelow organized shortly the first tournaments for interested players. The game fascinates both young and old, even if the largest group of players are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. The game is now spreading faster and faster. And who should have higher ambitions: In 2011 the first World Championship with 160 participants was held in Duisburg. The inventor Timo Beelow, by the way, was sixth.
You can find more information about Crossboccia here

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