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Lego Play - A Fascinating Hobby For All Ages

Lego play for big and Small. The Lego theme worlds offer a variety of fun. From Lego Technic to Creator, there is something for everyone. Just try it

Builder of small colorful stones

Who can not remember the small colorful building blocks of Lego from his childhood. Even in modern times, children and adults are always fascinated and enthusiastic about the inexhaustible possibilities of building stones and entering imaginative worlds.Even for the very youngest children up to two years of age, the Lego universe offers games and the first toys of old age legostees in its wide range. From 1 to 99 years there is no age limit for the various Lego games and theme worlds. Thus, even older adolescents and adults as constructors of the most diverse models with the system components can find a wonderful hobby as a Lego master builder.

Lego theme worlds, so you can also play as an adult with lots of fun Lego

The fascination of constructing and building with Lego also offers adults many possibilities for a challenging and varied hobby. In the city of the city, famous buildings, such as the Tower Bridge or the Big Ben of London, the Sydney Opera House and other buildings can be rebuilt relatively easily. The most diverse vehicles, favorite cars, such as the Ferrari or Mini Cooper and others, airplanes and helicopters, ships to reconstruct as quickly the building and collectibleship. For adult Lego fans the Theme World Architecture offers a variety of building fun. In the theme world of architecture there are more complex structures for rebuilding, such as the White House, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the skyline of New York City, Venice, Berlin and many more architectural works of art.

Lego play for technology fans - in the Lego Technic theme world, true-to-life vehicles with a wide range of functions

Hardly any other theme world offers so many exciting challenges for adult builders of colored stones like the Lego Technic category. The building systems of this theme world require a lot of advanced experience. For example, the Technic building blocks can be used to create efficient vehicles, such as a powerful four-wheel drive or working gearbox, moving pistons in engines, true-to-life suspensions, pneumatic elements, lighting systems, remote controls with functioning steering systems and automatically opening or closing doors feature. Construction vehicles are virtually original, cranes are, for example, equipped with mobile crane arms. Each model of the Technic series as a construction set can either be reproduced or combined into completely new models. This provides for a never ending build-up and playful fun, in which even the adult builders can not get bored. Here the Lego plays especially the men a lot of fun.

Enjoy with your children together one of the most beautiful hobbies with the fascinating building blocks

Building together and Lego playing with the kids can be one of the greatest hobbies. The variety of colorful building blocks from Lego does not limit the imagination. Perhaps you are building whole landscapes of Lego-inhabited cities, villages and landscaped with Lego animals, for example, with farms, lighthouses on the lake, historic homes, or adorned merchant houses. On the streets are the most diverse vehicles or the toy railway of Legosteinen pulls quietly their rounds. You might also visit one of the Legoland recreational parks, such as Legoland Deutschland, the Legolandpark in the Bavarian town of Günzburg. The leisure department offers for example a new Lego-Movie adventure in 4D. In an impressive dragon castle with 34 rooms can be even spent the night and a nightly search for the dragon started. Millions of colorful stones are used in various theme parks in this park. When you visit the recreational park, you will be able to gain inspiration for your exciting hobby at home with your children, as well as the fascinating experiences with the attractions of the park.

Short historical overview of the development of colored stones

The Danish company "The Lego Group" is considered to be the largest manufacturer of toys and was famous for its Lego stones. The name Lego derives from the Danish words "leg godt" and means: Play well. Latin means the name Lego "I read or I collect". To derive the name from the Latin translation was never in the company's mind. The company was founded in 1932 and is headquartered in Billund, Denmark. Approximately 14,000 employees are employed in the company, which achieved an annual turnover of 3.4 billion euros in 2015. In its beginnings in 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, had founded the company with the production of wooden toys. The first leggins made of plastic came into the trade in 1949. These stones of the modular system were very similar to the stones still used today. They had the upper nubs. In 1958, the plug system with the tubes contained inside the stones, which provided for a greater stability of the assembled stones, was patented, which until 1988 was valid. Since the successful launch of the first Legosteine, this fascinating toy idea has been transformed into an incredibly diverse Lego fantasy world. The basic building blocks include many different additional stones, figures, gears, wheels, various components, electric drives, battery powered electromotors and many other building materials. A variety of Lego-themed worlds for the reconstruction of various objects, legolands and legoparks to visit, Lego-Kinofilme, virtual Lego-worlds and Lego programs, Lego-fairs or Lego-competitions and much more belong to today's modern Lego universe.

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